Lower Implant Retained Dentures: Most of the benefits with less than half the cost!

Regular or traditional dentures are supported by your gums and existing teeth, resting on them for fairly easy application and removal. New dental technology and services have brought some notable changes and improvements to dentures, though. In particular, more and more dental patients are using lower implant retained dentures as a cost effective way to restore their smile and regain their confidence after losing a significant number of teeth.

What is a Lower Implant Retained Denture?

When a dental patient does not have any or enough teeth in their lower jaw, the solution may be a lower implant retained denture, which relies on the jaw bone itself for support. In many procedures, an implant support device will be affixed to the lower jaw, and a set of custom dentures will be attached to that device. This allows for nightly removal for cleaning, oral care, and sleep.

Lower implant retained dentures can be affixed with studs. The removable denture portion will snap securely into place over the bar. A stud-attachment system uses a ball-and-socket-like joint in each of several implant devices, which allows the removable dentures to pop back into place.

What is the cost benefit of only getting a lower denture?

Lower implant dentures are more cost effective than upper implant retained dentures. A lower implant retained denture only needs two implants to be successful compared to an upper implant retained denture that requires four implants to be successful. A lower denture all by itself will move around and will be difficult to chew and speak with, but with implants a lower denture will be more stable than a well fitting upper denture without implants. Generally, patients who make a choice between an upper and a lower implant retained denture will almost always choose a lower implant retained denture because of cost and effectiveness.

What Procedures Are Needed for Implant Retained Dentures?

The first step in getting lower implant retained dentures is consulting with your dentist to make certain the procedure will be right for you. Everyone’s jaws, teeth, and gums are unique, so it is possible the specialized-form of dentures will not be your best option.

If you are approved for implant-retained dentures for your upper jaw or lower jaw, or both jaws, then a number of surgeries will need to be scheduled. An initial surgery will actually add the attachment devices to your jaw. A few months or so will be needed to allow the attachments to integrate with your jaw, and to ensure the healing process is coming along nicely. Your dentist will plan a second surgery to apply final portions of the system. Lastly, after making certain that procedure has gone well, the dentures will be perfected and attached for the first time.

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