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Dental implants offer a convenient alternative to dentures for replacing missing teeth. At Comfort Care Dental, our Royse City dentists have extensive experience determining when implants are the right choice for a patient. Although not every patient is a good candidate for dental implants, those who get them enjoy many benefits over dentures or missing teeth.

Some Advantages of Dental Implants Include:

  • Higher self-esteem thanks to a permanent, durable replacement
  • Speech is not hindered the way it can be when dentures slip
  • Reliable chewing function, since fixed implants stay in place
  • No further harm to oral health because surrounding teeth aren’t altered
  • Easier access to gum line for consistent oral hygiene

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How Do Dental Implants Work?

Dental implants are best for patients who are in otherwise good physical and oral health and have a jaw bone that can support the implant. Endosteal dental implants, currently the safest and most effective type of implants, involve surgically installing an anchor or post into the jaw bone. Once the gum tissue has healed, an artificial tooth is connected to the anchor, securing it in place for a stable, independently supported replacement tooth. This type of procedure is not always covered by insurance, and, due to its complexity, is typically more expensive than dentures or bridges. Meticulous hygiene is essential after receiving implants but, with proper care, they should last you a lifetime.

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