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Even a perfectly executed routine of regular brushing, flossing, and professional cleaning isn’t always enough to ward off cavities. While cavities are largely preventable, modern diets high in sugar and processed starches create an abundance of plaque ready and waiting to break down tooth enamel. Cavities usually don’t have any symptoms until the decay has progressed significantly. As long as they are caught reasonably early, they can easily be filled by an experienced dentist to prevent further decay. At Comfort Care Dental, our skilled dentist have decades of experience spotting the early signs of cavities and treating them quickly and efficiently to protect the oral health of our patients.

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Treatment from A Caring & Informative Dentist

At Comfort Care Dental, our Royse City dentists believe patients should be involved in their own care. We will keep you informed and present your options while giving you our professional recommendation. You can trust us not to pressure you into any treatments that aren’t necessary. When it comes to dental fillings, you often have a choice in material.

Common Dental Filling Materials Include:

  • Gold – used in dentistry for 1,000+ years due to durability, but can be costly and the color stands out
  • Porcelain – better for large cavities in teeth with heavy chewing pressure, and can match tooth color
  • Silver Amalgam – a mix of several metals good for smaller cavities; an inexpensive option
  • Composite resin – durable and tooth-colored; best for small to medium cavities and moderate chewing pressure

Our dentists in Royse City, TX can help you understand the differences between the filling materials and when it’s best to use one over another.

Don’t let a cavity get out of hand! Call Comfort Care Dental in Royse City, TX today at (972) 635-9919 to make an appointment for a dental filling or to schedule your next cleaning and exam!

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